• The almost century-old Indian Jem & Jewellery Imperial recently dropped everything in their name, except just ‘Imperial’, and with it, turned over a new leaf. They roped in the effervescent Dia Mirza for a spanking new photoshoot, showcasing their recent collection.
    • With a crisper, more modern brand name, Imperial wanted to announce their distinct identity to the world with a bang. They also wanted to connect with their audiences on a more personal level, with more conversations and social sharing. That’s when Brand Affair stepped in to take things up a few notches.
    • Metamorphosis is beautiful but the transition can be a painful one. Though having an existing identity helps, shaking it off completely and carving a new name is a different ball game altogether. Being a jeweller for nine generations is a huge plus and it gave us a solid platform to start from. Yet, there’s always the legacy that the audience was bound to compare it to.
    • We turned to social media marketing for Imperial and making our job a lot easier was Dia Mirza. Doing a combination of product and non product created good engagement with our target audience, Imperial has successfully made the transition in the niche hand-crafted jewellery space that’s very distinct from its erstwhile avatar. Our journey so far with Imperial has been exciting to say the least and we can’t wait to create the next gem together.

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    • When it comes to medicines, one brand that’s literally in every Kolkata locality is Frank Ross Pharmacy. It’s a trusted name in the health and wellness domain for over 100 years, with multiple outlets in other major Indian cities.
    • Health is a serious issue and the communication needs a different type of treatment in order to resonate with the audience. At the same time, the client also didn’t want to sound too preachy and grim. We had our task cut out for us as we put on our thinking hats.
    • When marketing a brand like Frank Ross, you can’t make creatives that are too light. Humour is best kept away, stored in a cool, dry place. Too much seriousness also won’t go down well with the consumers. It might keep them away from the brand. The design elements need to be spot on and the campaigns need to strike the right chord with the demographic.
    • We prescribed good meaningful design as the cure to the ailments, which has been very effective so far. With innovative ATL & BTL campaigns and innovative social media, not only did we drive home the message of the convenience of achieving good health in particular and healthy living in general, we also avoided the pitfalls of blowing one’s own trumpet too hard by using the brand identity with subtlety. Each campaign is created to drive forward the promise of a healthier, happier life. With Frank Ross Pharmacy by our side, the last thing we need to worry about is the well-being of our relationship.

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    • With a diversified product line comprising of 50-plus varieties of sweet and savoury delights categorized into four major segments, Sobisco gave us plenty of food for thought when we sat down to brainstorm for this leading biscuit manufacturer and supplier.
    • Sobisco is a well-established biscuit brand with a plethora of offerings in every conceivable category. It’s competing in a very crowded space that’s dominated by older, well-recognised names as well as smaller, local competitors with a not-so-small footprint. They wanted more engagement; we sweetened the deal with a 360-degree solution.
    • The major hindrance is the lack of brand loyalty when it comes to buying biscuits and cakes, especially on-the-go. Anything goes as long as it tastes decent. Another bump in the road is the halo effect more established players have on consumer perception – their products are conceived as having “good” quality. We had to revamp the brand image and give it a competitive edge.
    • By leveraging the reach and recall of social media, we have been able to generate higher public engagement. We created a brand new website, from the ground up, with a dash of youthful energy, clean fonts and generous amounts of doodling. The result – a cleaner, funkier, aesthetically appealing platform that did wonders for the entire product portfolio. But we didn’t stop there. We also created outdoor marketing campaigns to drive awareness and even redid the packaging design for one of the products. The client is happy. We are happy. We can’t ask for more!

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      1. Established in 2011, Osaa is a brand that seeks to restore India’s rich textiles and intricate artistry and make them relevant for today’s contemporary lifestyles.
    • Osaa approached us with a very direct brief – “create impact” – which was relatively easy given their eye-catching collections. Since then, it has been a creatively satisfying partnership as we look forward to a mutually fruitful, long-term association.
    • An ethnic wear brand that captures the essence of today’s woman isn’t a niche anymore. It’s so mainstream that designer wear stores are mushrooming faster than Garfield finds pizza. The major challenge was to find the ‘x’ factor – the differentiator – that would set Osaa apart.
    • We gave this home-grown brand a new dimension with print ads, impactful social media marketing and outdoor campaigns. By emphasising the product and using minimal design elements and text in the creatives, we were able to make the brand break the clutter and achieve greater brand recall. Osaa is now an instantly recognisable name in contemporary ethnic wear

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