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    • When fashion stylist Chikky Goenka was looking for a partner-in-crime, we jumped at the opportunity. Style O Graph is her baby and we the doting Nanny McPhees. It’s a one-stop-shop for celebrity, wedding trousseau and fashion brand styling.
    • Like every mother, Chikky Goenka wanted us to smother her toddler with love and attention and we haven’t held back one bit. She also wanted a new brand identity for The Travelling Trunk, another brave and ambitious project of hers that showcases her brand of fashion all across the country, one city at a time.
    • With a perennial buzz in the fashion and lifestyle segment, it’s difficult to draw and sustain attention. Fashion shows and events are organised at the drop of a hat.There’s no dearth of options when it comes to experiencing and buying the (seemingly) latest. What doesn’t help is the bunch of mediocre labels selling run-of-the-mill junk in the name of high fashion at hugely discounted pricing.
    • We set the ball rolling with a quirky, brand-spanking new logo for The Travelling Trunk featuring Kolkata’s iconic Peeli Taxi. It quickly gained a lot of traction with the loyalists as well as new members who adored the concept. What helped was Chikky Goenks’s inimitable sense of style and occasion, and together, we have been going places, quite literally! We have worked for a lot of fashion events together where we are doing the event branding. Other collaterals we created include standees, invites and hoardings for a balanced marketing diet. We have been creative partners for 8-10 projects with Style O Graph and have thoroughly enjoyed each of them.

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