Style Creche


    • We are super-duper stoked to partner a kids’ brand that follows Marilyn Monroe’s  cool mantra, “Give your kids the right clothes, and they can conquer the world.” Style Creche is a one-stop luxury designer store, catering exclusively to newborns, tweens and everyone in between.
    • Who doesn’t love kids? But dressing them up, be it for an occasion or otherwise, can be a nightmare. On top of it, tweens are very picky dressers. What Style Creche wanted was a platform to not only connect with parents of kids but showcase their fabulous, regularly-updated collection as well.
    • No matter how much we adore those big eyes, wobbly heads and waving limbs, we soon realised that cuddling a newborn is fun but promoting and audience-building for this niche is far from child’s play.
    • “Show don’t tell” – childrens’ fashion is a very visual niche. The target demographic has to experience the brand through rich imagery in the form of adorable kids, colourful clothes and adorable kids in colourful clothes. We’ve partnered with them for their events and done print campaigns, invites, posters and standees. And while thinking social, what better medium to strut your stuff than Instagram? From the latest additions to style tips to sweet deals, we’re partnering Style Creche in inching closer to their goals. We also use Facebook to run highly effective campaigns that help convert prospects into brand loyalists. Our only gripe – why didn’t we have such funky brands while growing up?

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