• If we ever need a second office space, we would surely call up the guys at Smartworks. Smartworks offers flexible work space solutions ideal for businesses that do not wish to commit to long term leases or contracts.
    • When the way we work is smart, should our work spaces be any different? That’s the brief we got and we were convinced almost immediately that what they are bringing to the table can actually be a lifesaver for small to medium business owners.
    • An environment that increases productivity and promotes collaboration is a tall order. Sure, smart building technologies bring a lot of benefits to the business world but ultimately, it’s all about the people inside – are work spaces safer, more comfortable and attractive to the occupants? It’s an imposing question and ideally, unless the answer is a resounding “yes”, what’s the point of such an innovation?
    • We started proceedings with two key findings – a University of Warwick research that finds happy people to be more productive and another Gallup research on US employees that shows there’s still room for improvement when it comes to happiness. With branding collaterals like standees, emailers, flyers, brochures & social media campaigns driving home Smartwork’s message on employee engagement and happiness, we helped this smart player realise better ROI.

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