• If Einstein was to express the human mind through an equation during a wedding, he would use something like:

      Wedding – (Planning + Shopping + Going crazy +… n) = Shaadilogy;

      where n = an endless list of crazy to-dos.

      It’s a one-stop shop for everything wedding, from designing invitation cards to dropping guests off after the reception. If wedding’s on your mind, Shaadilogy takes it off it.

    • Marriages are strenous affairs for the families involved. Shaadilogy smoothens the journey with on-demand services users can access anywhere, anytime. But the one aspect that makes planning a wedding unlike any other event is emotion. True, there are many of the same details that one has to take into account but weddings tend to be emotional rollercoasters for everyone involved. Shaadilogy wanted these underlying thoughts to come across in their communication.
    • As technology becomes a part of traditional wedding planning and executing duties, social media has a big role to play in keeping brides, grooms and their families connected not only to their guests but also the planning team. But technology needs human interaction. Though one can order services online, it’s not easy to show the face behind the screen. Users need to know the people helping them out.
    • It’s relatively easy to get your brand on the social media bandwagon and program a Facebook Bot to blast posts for you but we wanted to attach a personality to Shaadilogy. That’s what we’re doing as you finish reading this line. We’ve done their introductory campaign and their launch to the social media.  The idea is to create a happy, inclusive space for the bride and the groom (and their families) and to defend and  protect this identity from the dark chasm of impersonal social media.

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