• We may be fashion noobs but even we know that denim on denim just doesn’t work. So, when Sasya came on board, the style guru in us was absolutely delighted at the thought of learning from the best in business. Sasya is the unisex go-to destination for rare designer couture, prêt wear, wedding line, bespoke tailoring and accessories.
    • This affair is a relatively new one compared to others and we’re both getting to know each other better. To start things off, we have been entrusted with the responsibility to enhance their social media presence, something that we look forward to on a regular basis.
    • How to add to something that’s already so full of panache and give it, well, more panache? The story has just begun as we’re all set for this journey to fashion nirvana.
    • We’re off to a good start managing Sasya’s social media campaigns and apart from driving more engagement, we are learning so much about cut, fabric and finish each day that we can give Manolo Blahnik some quick fashion tips!

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