• Coral is a fashion concept store that represents the coming of age of consumer taste, where a designer’s role extends to that of a curator who puts together a palette of the finest pret collections for an evolved clientele with a global sensibility. We love the name CORAL, that stands for the timelessness, depth and visual variety that it embodies.
    • The founder of coral is Vibha Kejriwal. Her keen eye for detail and her collaborations with the noted Dries Van Noten of Belgium for over 20 years and other marquee designers from all over the world means she walks the talk. She was searching for a trusted alibi who could understand her sensibilities and take them to her audience.
    • Over the last year or so, we’ve seen quite a few changes made to how designers unveil their new lines and make them available to the public, including a show-now, sell-now propensity. With the Internet, everything is moving quicker. Things are so immediate that what you buy today can start to feel outdated in no time. Promoting a fashion store with a timeless appeal when we seemingly don’t have time on our hands is as challenging as it is creatively satisfying.
    • The key here is not to fight the change but to embrace it. By using the speed of technology to our advantage, we ensure Coral stays one step ahead of the curve. Nothing can come close to social media for sharing news and announcements, including store sales, discounts, upcoming designers and exhibitions. Through event branding and a series of marketing collaterals such as invites, posters and standees, we’ve stayed true to Vibha’s vision of transcending boundaries and challenging traditions. We’re excited to explore more possibilities where fashion, art and lifestyle meet with our continued association with Coral.

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