• It was love at first sight when we met clt.s (Cute Little Things) – the cutest nightwear brand of India. Their line-up of clothes, accessories and goodies will never make you want to go back to wearing your old clothes to bed again!
    • We were so enamoured with their collection that we almost missed the brief the first time around! Since clt.s is a young and peppy brand, they wanted their marketing collaterals to reflect their spunky, colourful and vibrant side.
    • Wearing the same, old clothes to bed is a common practice in India. Unlike in the west, where people sleep in their night clothes, here we make do with whatever we can lay our hands on. Then there’s the perception that nightwear brands are overtly sexual; looking cute and feeling comfy in them is an unheard of concept.
    • The first thing we did was ordered some of their products and had a pyjama party! But seriously, there’s so much of fun and glee all around when we work with clt.s that we can’t remember when we conceptualised an entire Lookbook, or designed various standees, table tops and web banners or even shared the love through social media channels. Making the work seem more like play is also the fact that they are very receptive to feedback. We’re glad we met clt.s!

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